Canadian F1 Grand Prix

Grand Prix

Canadian F1 Grand Prix
Montreal - Sunday, June 9, 2019
The Canadian Formula One Grand Prix 2018 in Montreal is one of the best attended motor sports event in the world. Few places embrace their Grand Prix weekend as enthusiastically as the Canadian city of Montreal. Hosted at the arguably prettiest Formula One race track on the calendar, Montreal knows how to entertain itself and the F1 crowd visiting.

City Info

Few places embrace their Grand Prix as enthusiastically as Montreal. The city grinds to a halt over the race weekend as fans from around the world descend on Quebec for a non-stop party. Formula One fever - street parties, driver appearances and F1 exhibitions - is focused in one area of town: Rue Ste Catherine. It is the focal point at which race fans can meet. But there is plenty to see and do elsewhere because Montreal seamlessly mixes the old with the new. There is the 400-year-old charm of ‘Vieux Montreal’, which sits in surprising harmony with the grid pattern and skyscrapers of the modern city.
Winter in Montreal starts in November and lasts until early April. In January, temperatures can often drop as low as -18 degrees Celsius. Thankfully, it’s a lot warmer for the race, with temperatures in the mid 20s.
At night, the best ways around Montreal are by Metro or on foot. There are taxis too, but bear in mind journeys can be slow due to party goers spilling onto the roads. If you’re visiting the Old Town, you could always take the more sedate option on offer: a horse and cart ride.

Track Info

In 1977 the French Canadians, motivated by the incredible success of Gilles Villeneuve, decided it was about time they built a race track. Building a new circuit simply wasn't feasible, however, as time and money were against them. Their solution was simple and effective. Taking the Ile Notre-Dame, they connected all the island's roads and made a circuit. The island had been the home of the 1967 World Fair (Expo'67) and was full of futuristic looking buildings. It was, everyone agreed, a perfect venue for a Grand Prix.
After $2m was spent on upgrading the circuit to Formula One standards, the first race was held there in October 1978. Gilles Villeneuve, in his first season with Ferrari, was yet to win a Formula One race, but at his home Grand Prix he took a memorable debut victory. Following his tragic death in 1982, the track was renamed in his honour.

Race Itinerary


Fri 07 June 2019
Practice 1 10:00 – 11:30
Practice 2 14:00 - 15:30

Sat 08 June 2019
Practice 3 11:00 - 12:00
Qualifying 14:00 - 15:00

Sun 09 June 2019
Race 14:10 - 16:10

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Ticket Price Features
General Admission (Sun.) 81,00 €
General Admission (Sat.) 61,00 €
Paddock Club (Sat./Sun.) 5 156,00 €
Trio Package Econo (Wkd.) 215,00 €

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