Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Grand Prix

Monaco F1 Grand Prix
Monaco - Sunday, May 26, 2019
Monaco is a challenging track where the driver plays a more important role than the car and so the race has tended to be won by the best: Ayrton Senna won six times between 1987 and 1993, Graham Hill earned the name "Mr. Monaco" with five wins in the 1960s. Alain Prost has won four times while Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart took three victories a piece. Michael Schumacher won his fifth Monaco GP in 2001.

City Info

Monaco at Grand Prix time epitomises everything that’s great about Formula One racing: speed, glamour, passion, noise and a hint of danger because the cars are never too far away from the barriers.
The Principality has a lot of history in its own right, with the Grimaldi Family having reigned supreme since 1297. In a Formula One context, the track is one of the greatest challenges on the calendar; it staged its first (pre championship) Grand Prix in 1929 and has remained largely unchanged ever since.

The nearest international airport is Nice in France. The most hassle-free way to enter the Principality from there is by train, with the journey taking around 40 minutes. Alternatively, it’s a 40-minute drive via the autoroute, or an hour if you take the more picturesque coastal road. Bear in mind, however, that parking in Monaco over the race weekend is very difficult, to say the least.
If you want to treat yourself, you could always catch a helicopter from Nice. The views are spectacular and 15 minutes after take off you can be dining by the harbour.

Track Info

The Monaco Grand Prix is the one race of the year that every driver dreams of winning. Like the Indy 500 or Le Mans, it stands alone, almost distinct from the sport from which it was born. A combination of precision driving, technical excellence and sheer bravery is required to win in Monte Carlo, facets which highlight the differences between the great and the good in Formula One.
The Armco barrier-lined circuit leaves no margin for error, demanding more concentration that any other Formula One track. Cars run with maximum downforce and brakes are worked hard. Overtaking is next to impossible so qualifying in Monaco is more critical than at any other Grand Prix.
The Portier corner is key to achieving a good lap time around Monaco. It is preceded by the Loews hairpin, the slowest corner in Formula One, and followed by the tunnel, one of the few flat-out sections of the track. Some great names have ended their races in the barriers here, most notably Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.
The race has been a regular fixture of the world championship since 1955, but in that time the circuit has changed remarkably little. Slight alterations were made for the 2003 event, in particular a new, gentler entry to the Rascasse corner, with even bigger changes in 2004, with a new pit complex and increased spectator capacity.

Race Itinerary


Thu 24 May 2019
Practice 1 11:00 - 12:30
Practice 2 15:00 - 16:30

Sat 25 May 2019
Practice 3 12:00 - 13:00
Qualifying 15:00 - 16:00

Sun 26 May 2019
Race 15:10 - 17:10

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Ticket Price Features
Grandstand K (Sun.) 621,00 €
Grandstand P (Sat.) 174,00 €
General Admission Rocher (Sat.) 63,00 €
Grandstand L upper rows (Sat.) 286,00 €
Grandstand P (Sun.) 447,00 €
Grandstand T upper rows (Wkd.) 906,00 €
Grandstand T lower rows (Sat.) 211,00 €
General Admission Rocher (Sun.) 99,00 €
Grandstand O (Thu.) 81,00 €
Grandstand P (Sat./Sun.) 596,00 €
Grandstand T upper rows (Thu.) 93,00 €

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